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Steam Greenlight :: Black Gold Online Steam Workshop: Greenlight. Black Gold Online is a Fantasy versus Steampunk themed MMO set in the divided world of Montel. On one side you have the Erlandir kingdom, mystical, shamanistic, and reliant upon the power of their ma World War III: Black Gold on Steam Actual Armies. Actual Weapons. Actual Political Issues.World War III - Black Gold takes the player to the near future. The political crisis has been going on for months, leading to worldwide turmoil. Black Gold Online | OnRPG Black Gold Online is Snail Games' attempt to break the mold of standard fantasy MMORPGs by combining all the major elements that people love in an MMORPG. Black Gold Online Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Black Gold [Online] - Gameplay 3. 5 years ago 40 views. MMO-RAW New Multiplayer GAMES for Android & PC. Follow. Black Gold Online is a Free to play Steampunk and Fantasy Role Playing MMO Game set in a half Victorian steampunk half fantasy world

Black Gold Online - Gameplay First Look - YouTube Black Gold Online offers players the opportunity to play as one of over 8 primary classes available to two distinct factions, the shamanistic Erlandir and the steampunk focused Isenhorst. Black Gold Online - Gameplay Trailer - GameSpot

Black Gold Online has some of the greatest looking PLOT in an Mmorpg, ever! Granted, other Mmorpgs like Blade and Soul and Scarlet Blade have some pretty fantastic PLOT as well but Black Gold Online allows you to.. craft your PLOT in your …

Black Gold Online is an open world free to play 3D steampunk themed fantasy MMORPG published by Snail Games back in June 2014. Before you begin your adventure, you are given the ability to choose between two separate warring factions – each which has their own varied story.

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Oct 12, 2012 ... Black Gold Online, graphically, looks mighty fine to me when I gave the demo a short run during my time at Gamescom 2012. The gameplay still ... Black Gold Online - MMO Square

Read on... for this game also presents a blend of original game-play elements.

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